Wendy’s Story = Personal Transformation


More questions than answers

As a young teen, I wanted things to be different than they were. I wished I could change things unhappyabout myself or my life circumstances. For instance, I wanted to be thinner; I wanted a boyfriend; I wished my family was more normal; I was tired of being frustrated by people that didn’t live up to my expectations; I felt alone; I was confused about who I was… I had so many questions and so few answers.


Raised with Christian beliefs

Holy BibleI was brought up in a home where I was introduced to biblical teachings. I listened to preachers… searching for the answers. But not finding what I was looking for, I went to other denominational churches hoping their religions had the answers. Then, in my late teens, I found various motivational speakers — and I learned to do many positive affirmations. I read every self-help book I could – both in the Christian bookstores and the secular ones. Still, that wasn’t enough. 


Personal Therapy to the Rescue

Eventually, I joined a 12-step program, hoping to work on my food addiction. Around that same time, I went into personal therapy which opened the doors for me to also experience group Recovery Signcounseling and an Inner Child workshop. With all of these therapies, I had for the first time, made some real personal progress! Still armed with self-help books, I graduated from therapy (after 4 years) with my counselor’s blessings and was encouraged to, “Go, and live my life!” I felt proud of the changes that I had made. I did feel more in control of my life. I now had boundaries. The role I played in my family was much improved. And I made a powerful career change. It seemed that I had found my life’s groove. I still experienced periodic episodes of personal struggles, but with the new, more empowered me, I felt up for the challenges of life. No longer were my reactions to life so out-of-proportion for the circumstances. 


Transforming message of Tony Robbins

Tony RobbinsWatching a late night infomercial, I was introduced to Tony Robbins. I ordered the cassette tapes and immediately devoured them. I immersed myself in them, not once, not twice, but over over over. I couldn’t get enough of them then. And then, I learned he had live seminars available. I was IN! I went to 10 live seminars in less than 2 years. Tony’s background credentials were in NLP (Neuro-Lingistic Programming). It was extraordinary! I began to learn really powerful processes of change. And when I would return from a seminar, with these new transformational tools, I would use them on anyone that would give me permission to use them. The changes were incredible like nothing I had ever been exposed to before.


Using the new tools

Over the course of several years, I was lead to various trainings and exposed to many new andConfusion extremely powerful tools of transformation. I learned processes that caused negative feelings to disappear almost instantaneously, often leaving me laughing and feeling incredibly refreshed & happy! But I later realized, that these new tools did not completely resolve all my problems. So, even though I was using the new tools correctly, for some reason, I found that issues would return or new, but similar problems would arise.


I found the Law of Attraction!

Back in 2002, a good friend handed me a cassette tape. Because she was so excited about this tape, I listened. It was a recording of a workshop by Abraham-Hicks. I too, got pretty jazzed about what I heard, so she proceeded to give me a bunch more cassettes. I listened to them for a couple of months over & over as I definitely resonated to the concept Abraham-Hicks was presenting. They were all about the Law of Attraction. However, as much as the ideas were awesome, I didn’t really know how to put this into practice. So, at that time, learning about the Law of Attraction, for me, was about learning about this Law that governed how we created our reality. But, I couldn’t really figure out how to apply what they taught to my life. So, eventually, like all other self-improvement information, I put it on a mental shelf.

Then in 2007, as I was desperately seeking a revolutionary-like shift in my life and perspective, I Law of Attraction - Abraham Hicksgot this impulse to Google “Abraham-Hicks.” And when I did, the excitement from years before was re-awakened and I immediately requested to receive their recordings from their on-going workshops. I listened to the first workshop over & over, until the next one arrived. And then, I listened to it over & over until the next one arrived. And this continued for a long time. This time, I was READY to hear their wisdom and apply it.

Applying the Law of Attraction principles still did not come easy. But, I had an intuitive knowing that the long time answers that I’d been seeking could be answered with a deep & solid understanding of this Law of Attraction. So, I got focused and determined, and listened with repetition and tried to apply what I was hearing until I started to get positive results. And even when I got negative results, I was able to see how the Law of Attraction was behind that too.

I became a Law of Attraction junkie. I couldn’t think about anything but the Law of Attraction. FINALLY, I feel an inner sense of peace, and a knowing that my search for “the handbook of life” was over. I knew that if I continued to immerse myself in the principles of Law of Attraction, anything would be available to me.

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