Live Your Destiny with Wendy Dillard

What is Coaching all about?

A coaching session is an opportunity to get clarity on what’s going on in your life that’s not working, and get you moving in a better direction. Also, it’s a great way to learn some short-cuts & effective practices to help you move toward your desired life, that a coach has already mastered and therefore, can pass along those insights to you. People hire a coach for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons my clients have come to me:

  • marriage at breaking point
  • sabotaging or negative patterns or feeling stuck
  • enabling behaviors
  • feeling out of control
  • constant feelings of despair or anger

Everyone of the above reasons, has one thing in common. All my clients wanted to improve how they were feeling. And the truth is, anyone seeking a life coach wants that same thing. We all want to feel good!

However, not all coaches are the same. There are many life coaches & even many Law of Attraction life coaches. Every coach is unique based on their specific training, life experiences & their specialized areas of study.

I consider myself a Mindset Expert and I specialize in the principles of the Law of Attraction. During my pursuit of happiness, I studied various personal development modalities (as referenced in Wendy’s Story), so I bring those modalities into my coaching as well. But, my client’s tell me where they gain the most insight, is from my personal stories which allow them to see themselves in similar scenarios. Stories (like metaphors) are the most powerful technique for imparting new perceptions. And fortunately, I’ve had a life filled with rich stories from which I draw upon in my sessions. Also, I’ve spent most of my life honing my sensitivity to intuitive wisdom. So, I rely upon intuitive wisdom for guidance in knowing just the right insight to share or the appropriate technique to use.

My coaching sessions generally focus on these primary areas:

1) Applying Law of Attraction principles for effective thinking practices
2) Connecting with your internal Feelings Guidance System
3) Identifying key areas of thought that have sabotaged your efforts
4) Transforming your thinking to move toward the desired outcome

You’ll find that I ask a lot of questions. Questions are powerful. They may cause you to consider new thoughts you’d never considered before. And the answers you provide can uncover specific insights to help shift your perceptions and to feel an improved state of well-being. My short term goal for all my clients is to help them to feel relief from their current dis-satisfaction. And my long term desire is to help my clients:

  • create a powerfully transformed life
  • expand their sense of choice in all areas
  • live a life with a sense of purpose
  • feel free & expansive

For over 30 years now, I’ve been helping others feel inspired, happier & more fulfilled with what feels like nothing more than a conversation (my client’s words, not mine). Being a teacher & people-helper at the core of my being, I find incredible joy & personal satisfaction when I share the ideas & practices that have improved the quality of my life in a dramatic & powerful way.

Private sessions can be done in-person OR over the phone with equal effectiveness. If you prefer in-person sessions, I’m in Lancaster, TX. I offer personal life coaching for individuals, couples or anyone ready to experience a personal freedom or personal development.

I find myself being a Coach & Mentor to some of my clients, and more of a Breakthrough Specialist to others. And in either case, I am fulfilling my personal mission which is to support you in becoming the best you — you can be!

My definition of a mentor is: A teacher or trusted counselor who has experience and success in dealing with the areas that are challenging you.

As a Breakthrough Specialist, I help identify the cause of undesired behaviors and then assist you in replacing them with new & positive choices to free you to really live the life you deserve to live! To set you up for success, it’s important for you to feel comfortable with me. So, I like to start with a phone call to get acquainted.

If at this point, you resonate with me & what I’ve shared and you’re ready to commit to living your life purposefully, deliberately & with passion, I’d be honored to work with you. Please click here to learn about how we can work together and let your new-found freedom begin now!

Selecting your Law of Attraction Life coaching package is the first step to feeling better!

Although you can receive benefit & insight from “Taste of Coaching” (3 session package), coaching is not a quick fix; it’s a process. Most clients work with me for a minimum 6 months.

Conditioning new thinking, beliefs & behaviors take repetition & immersion which comes with commitment & practice. So, those those that work with me for a year experience the greatest shift.


Call Wendy at 972-228-2808 for pricing… packages start at $749 for 3 sessions.