Live Your Destiny with Wendy Dillard

What is Coaching all about?


A coaching session is an opportunity to get clarity on what’s going on in your life… identifying what’s not working in order to get you moving in a better direction. You’ll learn effective practices to consistently live your dream life. Plus, when you receive coaching from someone that has already Mastered the principles of the Law of Attraction, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you’ll create a joyful & satisfying life!

All of humanity has one thing in common… the desire to feel good! 

During my personal pursuit of happiness, I studied many different Personal Development techniques (as referenced in Wendy’s Story). And I bring all of those techniques into my The-Pursuit-of-Happinesscoaching practice along side of Law of Attraction principles. This combination creates the “fast” factor. But, my client’s tell me where they gain the most insight is from my personal stories which allow them to see themselves in similar scenarios. Stories are the most powerful technique for imparting new view points. And fortunately, I’ve had a life filled with rich experiences from which to draw. Also, I’ve spent most of my life sharpening my sensitivity to intuitive wisdom. So, I rely upon my intuition for guidance in knowing just the right insight to share and the appropriate technique to use.

My coaching sessions generally focus on these four areas:

1) Applying Law of Attraction principles for effective thinking practices
2) Connecting you with your Feelings (which act as a powerful GPS)
3) Identifying key areas of thought that have sabotaged your current efforts
4) Transforming your thinking to move you toward your desired outcomes

My goal for you short-term is to provide you with relief from your current dis-satisfaction. And my goal for you long-term is to help you:

  • Create a powerfully transformed life
  • Expand your sense of choice in all areas
  • Live a life with a sense of purpose
  • Feel free & expansive

You’ll find that I ask a lot of questions because questions are incredibly powerful in uncovering the necessary information that identifies your habitual thinking… which is either keeping you from living your dream life OR the thinking that’s been responsible for your triumphs.


For over 30 years now, I’ve been helping others feel inspired, happier & more fulfilled with what Life is Goodfeels like nothing more than a conversation (my client’s words, not mine). Being a teacher & people-helper to the core of my being, I find incredible joy & personal satisfaction when I can share ideas & practices that improve the quality of your life in a dramatic & powerful ways.

If you want to be the best version of yourself then we’re in perfect sync because my mission is to support you in becoming the best you — you can be!


It’s time to select the right Coaching package that meets your needs.

First off, you should be made aware that Coaching is not a quick fix; instead it’s a process. The reason is because…

Conditioning new thinking (beliefs & behaviors)

Requires Repetition & Immersion

Which comes with Commitment & Practice.


What’s required to get the most out of coaching?

  1. A Strong Commitment to creating your fabulous future.
  2. A Willingness to let go of Resistance and go with the flow. (Resistance to the process slows things down. So obviously, the less you resist, the quicker & easier you’ll experience breakthroughs.)
  3. Immerse Yourself in the Process to get the powerful force of Momentum on your side.
  4. Regular Weekly Sessions will provide the opportunity for Repetition of the principles to be experienced creating a solid foundation for your thinking.
  5. Willingness to Notice how the Law of Attraction is working between sessions.

New Life, Old Life

It took me 30+ years to effectively Master the principles of Law of Attraction. You can definitely study and learn the Law of Attraction on your own IF you feel you can afford the time. But of course that will prolong the positive results you’re looking for. But, if you’re ready to shift your life into high gear now, let me help you with this stuff. Together, we’ll compress time. Working with me, you can Master the Law of Attraction so much quicker than if you go it alone. And once you immerse yourself into these principles, you’ll find that your life will have a level of ease that you’ve never known before. 

With each package, you’ll receive benefit & insight. And only if you’re highly inspired to turn your life into the magnificent life you were born to live, select the program called “Loving Life.” Those that work with me 6-12 months experience the greatest shift. Upon graduation from “Loving Life” (and having fully committed to the process) you should expect to feel you have all that you need to encounter any challenge with ease as well as consistently experiencing a happy life.

If at this point, you feel a strong resonance with me AND you’re ready to commit to living your life purposefully, deliberately & with passion, CLICK HERE to select the coaching package that’s right for you!

Have you watched Abraham Hicks clips on You Tube?

Or have you read Law of Attraction books? If so, you’ve gotten a taste of the most powerful concepts to up-level your life. And you probably felt a huge burst of hopefulness about reversing the problems in your life, and thought you were applying the techniques – only to leave you wondering why your problems have’t disappeared. That describes most of my clients. They know the Law of Attraction is powerful, but they can’t seem to get the results they want. Or they’re impatient because they want the positive results immediately!

You’re my ideal client if you already know about the Law of Attraction and are highly inspired to use Law of Attraction principles to improve the quality of your life. I can help you take what you already know and APPLY it in a way the makes the concepts come alive in your every day life.

I know this is possible because what other people call Miracles or Coincidences, I live practically every day. I live in such synchronicity with people, places & things, you’d think I had a fairy god-mother magically orchestrating my life. And that’s what I’d like to help you experience too. So, CLICK HERE to select your coaching package and get your life started in the way you’ve always hoped was possible.

***By the way… there’s never been an individual that’s asked for my help that hasn’t felt inspired, encouraged and uplifted. I have a flawless track record of coaching success. Now, that may sound like a bold statement – and it is. And it’s also true.***