What Wendy’s Clients Are Saying…


My sessions with Wendy were nothing like I expected. I expected a boring Q&A session with someone dull and bland. Wendy was nothing like that. In fact, she is very affectionate and fun. Wendy does an excellent job of peeling the onion so to speak. She was able to get to the root of our problems and show us a variety of methods to correct them. Our sessions were productive and eye opening. My wife and I weren’t sure what our next step would be, but thanks to Wendy we are better communicators, lovers and friends. My goal was to walk away from the sessions knowing more about my relationship and myself than when I came. Also, I wanted answers on how to become a better spouse and man. Wendy helped me reach my goals as well as salvage my marriage.

TC of Cedar Hill, TX

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Wendy Dillard is — hands down — one of the finest examples of human care, love, and dignity I believe anyone will ever find, anywhere. I sat down with her skeptical that even a trained life coach would be able to help me. After hearing only a very brief summary of my story, Wendy was able to begin building a platform of restoration, and her genuine care for my well-being and growth became more than apparent to me. Through this observation, a trust was established between us that enabled her to guide me through the thicket of negative emotional thorns in which I had been living, and ultimately above and beyond those thoughts and feelings into a bright new horizon of hope and expectancy. If you are truly ready for fresh guidance towards permanent healing (or simply looking for empowering new directions for your life), Wendy Dillard is — in my heartfelt opinion — the Life Coach you’ve been looking for.

BS of Houston, TX

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As a person who has lived with depression & anxiety for most of my life, I have gone to great lengths to cope with my difficulties & to feel better. My search has consisted of years of numerous types of traditional counseling, many hours of self-help study, as well as study toward a psychology/counseling degree, with little success. I have been left with the same limiting negative behaviors, failure to reach emotional resolve, all with a growing sense of hopelessness as the years ticked by. I wanted desperately to simply enjoy my life, my husband and my children, and maybe, even attain a goal or two! Then came Wendy! Issues which had plagued me for decades have been changed in amazing speed! – which is in stark contrast to the traditional drawn-out, time-consuming therapy that had little effect. Now, I feel empowered; and that I am in control of my life & my changes. A session with Wendy will start you on a journey – filled with the excitement of discovery, the comfort of relief, and confidence for a newly-empowered future!

LL of Cedar Hill, TX

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Wendy helped me to see just how much negative emotions have drained my energy on a daily basis. Wendy has extensive knowledge and experience with helping people enrich their lives and maintain a more positive attitude. I have learned more about myself by being around Wendy than I have in the last 18 adult years of my life. If you truly want to change your life and take control of your own destiny Wendy can show you how.

PD of Euless, TX

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I am so pleased with the immediate results I see in my life after just one session with Wendy. Her intuition leads her to use just the right process at the right time to bring healing. Wendy is a woman who has true compassion and a loving nature. You will receive tremendous benefit from working with her, as she assists you in bringing about healing and transformation in your life. I thank God for the positive influence she has had on me.  

LM of Grapevine, TX