What is the Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction MagnetThe Law of Attraction is the universal mechanism that attracts LIKE things together. In other words, LIKE things are attracted to LIKE things. In metaphysical terms, the Law of Attraction brings things of a similar vibrational quality together. Think of it as a cosmic matchmaker. And like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction operates 24/7 whether you’re aware of it or not.

But, WHEN you understand the way it works (more specifically, how your thinking affects your personal vibration), the principles of the Law of Attraction can be applied to improve the quality of your life in dramatic ways!

Through understanding how the Law of Attraction works, I’ve been able to exponentially improve the quality of my life. And nothing excites me more than to share these powerful principles and watch you experience one ah-ha moment after another. It’s truly powerful stuff.

So, let’s begin with the most basic principle of the Law of Attraction:

YOUR THINKING is dictating the quality of your life. This is THE cornerstone principle: The quality of your life is determined by the quality of Your Habitual THINKING.

If not familiar with the Law of Attraction, this may be a new concept to you. But, it’s important that you understand this… Your THINKING is determining the quality of your relationships, your career, your financial circumstances, your health, weight, fitness level – YOUR THINKING is dictating absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!


In the simplest of terms, it works like this…

When you think a THOUGHT, something mirroring that THOUGHT will show up.

An example of this could be…  let’s say you’re thinking about a friend you haven’t connected Woman with Thought Bubblewith in a long time, the next thing you know, that person sends you a message on Facebook. Or you’re frustrated with someone, the next thing that happens another frustrating circumstance shows up.

So, that means whenever you THINK about something, it has the power to produce a similar result.

This works equally for positive things you thing about as well as negative things you think about. So, if you don’t like something, then you have to change the THOUGHT that created it! And if DO like something, it would be to your advantage to identify your thinking, and do more of it.

In a nutshell, that’s how the Law of Attraction works.


It’s a simple concept, right?

Well, simple in theory – but, if it defies everything you’ve ever been taught, like it did for me, it’s not so simple. And unless you had someone with Law of Attraction teaching guide you at an early age, making this shift in thinking may not come easily.

Brain DevelopmentAccording to neuro-science, our brains are not fully developed until early adulthood. So, we’re absorbing ideas/energy from within our environment without any filters until we’re about 7 yrs old. And the part of our brain that uses logic to reason is in the developmental process between ages 7-18 yrs old! That means, during our impressionable years, we’re not deliberately choosing which ideas to accept and which ideas to disregard.

We’re taking it ALL in (whether it serves us or doesn’t serve us). Is it any wonder, we experience the unwanted things we do? Yet, there’s a positive flip-side as you begin to understand the inherent value built into how/why our brains have been created this way. (But, that’s a whole other subject.)

Thus, what you habitually think today and how you react to the world today were actually shaped by the time you were a young adult. And most of humanity is pre-programmed with habitual thinking that doesn’t propel them to live out a wonderfully rich & fulfilling life.


The good news is…

You don’t have to struggle against pre-programmed thinking or be at the mercy of requiring someone else to change for you to be happy & free. There’s another way.

It begins with changing your THINKING. Because when you find a more empowering thought (or view point), it can completely obliterate the old paradigms.


My expertise is:

  • Identifying the thinking that’s causing your unhappiness
  • Identifying the thinking that will turn your unhappiness issues upside down, pivoting you in the right direction
  • Teaching you how to identify these kinds of thoughts for yourself.

I have no doubt you are capable of making the kinds of “thinking” changes that will satisfy the kind of life you most desire!