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As a Premium Life Coach…

I’ll teach you how to apply the Law of Attraction so that you can successfully create anything you desire with ease.

I’ll guide you in the development of a rich and satisfying Spiritual Connection.

I’ll identify patterns of thought that are sabotaging your happiness by transforming your beliefs for the purpose of matching your Beliefs to your Desires because your beliefs must match your desires for them to show up in your life because that’s how the Law of Attraction works.

This may be the most important message you’ll ever hear:


Life is supposed to be EASY!


This Universe was designed for everything you desire to show up easily, effortlessly and quickly.

We came into this physical reality KNOWING that we had incredible POWER to create anything we wanted.

But, exposure to other physical beings who lost sight of their power to create, caused you to believe that you lacked power too. These same physical beings also lost their knowing of how the universe was designed.


Coaching with me is designed to restore your POWER to create ALL your desires easily, effortlessly and quickly… just like it was intended to be!

What do I offer that makes me unique?

I have spent over 3 decades synthesizing information about personal development and personal transformation with the intention of creating the most satisfying & fulfilling life for myself. I’ve learned from some of the most prestigious leaders in these fields. And in the process, I’ve applied & tested each principle within these huge bodies of materials, ultimately learning which techniques worked on me (and others) and which ones didn’t. This exploration covered psychology, logical reasoning, neuroscience, and The Law of Attraction.

Meanwhile, I was also developing my spirituality and honing my ability to receive intuitive guidance. Today, my spiritual connection to All That Is (also known as God, Source Energy, the Universe, Higher Power, etc.) provides the stable foundation for how I live my life; and it’s integrated into everything I think and do.

Today, I live the satisfying & fulfilling life I sought since my youth. And because I live each day in incredible joy, I can’t help but want to share it with my clients. So, as a Life Coach, I feel called to help my clients develop their spiritual connection while simultaneously transforming any sabotaging thoughts and/or beliefs that may be standing in the way of living their highest potential.

The biggest needle mover in my life came from learning and understanding how the Universe is designed. Therefore, I include these teachings while coaching.

The combination of the above is unique to coaching with me because it’s the synthesis of my life’s work.

Note: Regardless of the reason that brings you into a coaching relationship with me, the results can move you forward in EVERY area of your life because when you understand the foundational principles I’ll teach you, those concepts can be used for improving your relationships, your finances, your health, etc.

What’s unique in how I deliver coaching?

You’ll find that I’m not the typical life coach that only has one basic skill or strategic plan that I use with every client because I realize that you’re a unique individual and that some coaching techniques may not be effective for you. So, being skilled in so many different techniques in conjunction with following my Intuitive Guidance, I have a flawless record of being able to deliver what you need when you need it. And this is why you’ll experience an extraordinary transformation working with me!

You see for 25+ years, I’ve been assisting clients to live extraordinary lives. I started my coaching practice long before the title of “life coaching” was made popular. So when you become my client, you’re not getting a newbie coach with zero (or little) experience. Instead, you’re receiving insights from a seasoned and top-notch coach with years of experience. Within my coaching, I use the Law of Attraction as my primary tool because my experience has taught me that you’ll experience faster results when using the principles found in the Law of Attraction. 

Selecting the right life coach for you

Since you’ve landed on this website, I’m assuming that you’re seeking a Coach to meet your exact needs. And I acknowledge selecting the right coach for you is an important decision. You’re probably already getting a sense for me and whether we’re a good fit for one another. So, I highly recommend that you continue to review my website and/or listen to me being interviewed to learn about me & my style. Then, if you’re feeling a resonance with me, let’s start with a phone call to get to know one another.

And just in case you are wondering, you don’t have to have “a problem” to work with me. You can hire me if you’re looking for a sounding board to up-level your living and to gain new insights in any area of your life. You may want to explore your spirituality, your relationships, your physical body, work or business, or anything else. Regardless of the specifics, you can experience dynamic growth and transformation.

Here’s what you can expect from me

1)  As a Life Coach, I’ll offer emotional support, encouragement, and strategies for developing the confidence & clarity needed to achieve personal and/or professional goals.

2)  As a Masterful Law of Attraction Expert, I’ll teach you the specific Law of Attraction principles necessary to satisfy your intentions.

3)  As a Transformational Expert, I’ll identify sabotaging thought patterns and/or guide you through emotional breakthroughs which produce both tremendous relief from past pain as well as establishing beneficial beliefs. This is where you’ll experience Quantum Leaps!!!

4)  As a Spiritual Guide, I’ll guide you to discover your best self as well as teaching you to develop your intuition and connect with your Inner Guidance.

5)  As a Teacher, I’ll provide Life Skill education to increase your quality of life.

6)  As a mentor, I’ll share real-life stories of experiences which are intended to demonstrate how you can successfully live a Quality Life.


I have been awarded this Coin for providing Outstanding Coaching to my client in the FBI.

“In the FBI, we have something called a “challenge coin.” These coins are only given when they are earned… when someone measures up to a challenge. The reason you are now in possession of this challenge coin is because of the enormous challenge you successfully navigated.

Wendy, when I called you, I was in the worst state of despair. I could not find any hope or desire to move forward in life. I asked you to pull me out of this depression and make me believe God cared and had a plan.

Well, you did it.

It’s only been two months of us talking and I feel so much joy pulsating through every waking moment. I can hardly stand it (though I happily accept it)! Your words and wisdom have reunited me with God. In trust and appreciation, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless!”


Name undisclosed, Federal Bureau of Investigation Personnel

You’re my ideal client if…

…you already know about the Law of Attraction AND you’re highly inspired to use Law of Attraction principles to improve the quality of your life because I can help you take what you already know and APPLY it in a way that makes the concepts come alive in your everyday life.

You see, what other people call miracles and amazing coincidences, I consider “normal” and what we’re all intended to experience. I live in such synchronicity with people, places & things, you’d think I had a fairy god-mother magically orchestrating my life. And that’s what I’d like to help you experience too.

I’m a Premium Life Coach providing upscale life coaching for those seeking the absolute highest quality in a life coach


My prices are based on providing superior value. Thus, I’m a premium-priced life coach. So, if you’re seeking a high-end, top-notched, outstanding coach, that comes with a higher price tag.

My intention (and skills to back it up) is for your entire life to change. My intention is for you to feel “in the zone,” “on top of the world,” and aligned with a sense of well being throughout the rest of your life.

So, what price would you put on up-leveling your entire life?

Hopefully, you’ll agree that living a life where your new “normal” is living with incredible joy and harmony with people, places and things would be considered… Priceless!


Our call yesterday left me with a sustaining peace that truly was a new feeling. Normally when we complete our calls I am filled with a sense of hope, expectation, euphoria, and deep awareness. But, yesterday’s call left me speechless as I pondered the questions we discussed for me to consider before our next session. Though I have yet to uncover the answers, peace has come to me from just knowing the answers are coming and when they do, my entire future is going to be altered to include things I never knew would be a part of my life’s story. 

THANK YOU for the counsel you give me every minute of every call. Start to finish, time seems altered as it feels like we go into warp drive and I can feel you fully devoting your spirit, concentration, and energy into figuring out my challenges and guiding me to overcome them myself. Though we only spoke for 1 hour, the quality of the call had me thinking we had talked for 3 hours. I feel the value your coaching is easily worth $1,000 per/hour (which is well beyond what I actually paid), as I felt like I received at least $3,000 worth of value last night. And you know what’s the best part? I’d spend it again to have that life-altering wisdom bestowed upon me. In fact, it would be worth double 😉

THANK YOU again for being who you are and how you influence my life on each call. You’re the 1/2 Guardian Angel 1/2 Kindred Spirit 😉


CC – Columbus, OH


As a professional coach myself, I’ve been on a personal journey of transformation and enlightenment. But, there came a point where I was ready to grow much faster and further. And then, I met Wendy through a networking event. Within a few encounters, I recognized her advanced level of personal-development knowledge, transformational skills, and masterful usage of the Law of Attraction.

So, when I found myself feeling blocked, I called Wendy for her objective perspective and coaching wisdom. I want to acknowledge that I’m extremely selective in whom I trust to coach me. Coaching me (because I’m also a coach) requires an exceptional professional with astute observation, sharp listening capability, and extreme adaptability.

I’ve come to trust Wendy implicitly. As a Premium life coach, she has the ability to be completely present with me, never wavering from holding the highest vision of who I really am in my purest essence. Because of this, I feel safe when expressing my highest highs and lowest lows without ever feeling judged or less-than.

Within our coaching relationship, Wendy & I have touched every aspect of my life. She’s coached me regarding money matters, body issues, relationship pursuits, and my spiritual connection. Also, through Wendy’s teaching and practical examples, I now understand how to apply the Law of Attraction effectively on my own.

Also, one of the huge benefits while working with Wendy is that she helped me to clarify what really makes my heart sing. Because of this, I changed what I do to make a living (which is not at all what I thought I’d do to generate money). Now I feel happily aligned to who I really am – releasing the internal restless feeling that haunted me. Now, I’m earning more money easily with less effort and requiring much less time than I ever thought was possible!

Wendy is unlike any coach I’ve ever met. She’s definitely a PREMIUM-Level Life Coach. And in my opinion, her magical power is her ability to tune-in on a spiritual/intuitive level providing insightful guidance at just the right time.

She’s like a beacon, shining a light so brightly, that I always find my way back to what really matters – my alignment to my highest self and my spiritual source.

I can honestly say, Wendy delivers 10 times more than what she charges. And I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t benefit from her coaching. This is especially true if you’re someone who feels stuck, and ready to enjoy life more fully, or you’re someone who feels your past is sabotaging your happiness and you’re needing to make huge changes for your life to hum with ease.

And if you’re a coach yourself, trust me when I say that Wendy is awesome at coaching coaches.

She’s the real deal.

With all my love and profound appreciation,


RB – Lewisville, TX

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