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WARNING: Integrating the Law of Attraction principles found on this website, may cause a sudden onset of HAPPINESS for no reason. If you experience overwhelming happiness, joy, love or appreciation as a result of ingesting the contents of this material, enjoy the ride!


This website is dedicated to those seeking a life filled with joy & happiness beyond description. 


According to Abraham Hicks:

“The basis of your life is FREEDOM; the purpose of your life is JOY.”


I have been a life-long learner & personal development junkie. But, once I heard the teachings of Abraham Hicks, I mean really heard them… my spirit felt the powerful connection of their profound truths. For me, it was a feeling like I’d come “home.” Their words resonated with me on a very deep level. And yet, I soon discovered that learning about the Law of Attraction versus knowing how-to apply their magnificent message of hope, love & freedom was another story.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to apply these principles to my every day life and to share the “how-to” with you.

If you’re an Abraham Hicks fan, you’ll find that the information found on this website speaks the same Law of Attraction language you aspire to.

The inspiring teachings of Abraham Hicks are the basis on which the highly proclaimed movie, “The Secret” was created. And their teachings can be traced back as the source of the current Law of Attraction wave that’s sweeping the world & the associated paradigm shift in consciousness.

Although there are many people teaching various versions of the Law of Attraction, few do justice to the Law of Attraction like Abraham Hicks does.


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