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Law of Attraction Coach and Spiritual Mentor

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Upscale Life Coaching


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I’ll teach you how to apply the Law of Attraction so that you can successfully create anything you desire with ease.

I’ll guide you in the development of a rich and satisfying Spiritual Connection.

I’ll identify patterns of thought that are sabotaging your happiness by transforming your beliefs for the purpose of matching your Beliefs to your Desires because your beliefs must match your desires for them to show up in your life because that’s how the Law of Attraction works.

Why my clients consider me the Ideal Coach…

You’ll find that I’m not the typical life coach that only has one basic skill or strategic plan that I use with every client because I realize that you’re a unique individual and that some coaching techniques may not be effective for you. So, being skilled in so many different techniques in conjunction with following my Intuitive Guidance, I have a flawless record of being able to deliver what you need when you need it. And this is why you’ll experience an extraordinary transformation working with me!

You see for 25+ years, I’ve been assisting clients to live extraordinary lives. I started my coaching practice long before the title of “life coaching” was made popular. So when you become my client, you’re not getting a newbie coach with zero (or little) experience. Instead, you’re receiving insights from a seasoned and top-notch coach with years of experience. Within my coaching, I use the Law of Attraction as my primary tool because my experience has taught me that you’ll experience faster results when using the principles found in the Law of Attraction. 

Selecting the right coach

Since you’ve landed on this website, I’m assuming that you’re seeking a Coach to meet your exact needs. And I acknowledge selecting the right coach for you is an important decision. You’re probably already getting a sense for me and whether we’re a good fit for one another. So, I highly recommend that you continue to review my website and/or listen to me being interviewed to learn about me & my style. Then, if you’re feeling resonance with me, let’s start with a phone call to get to know one another.

And just in case you are wondering, you don’t have to have “a problem” to work with me. You can hire me if you’re looking for a sounding board to up-level your living and to gain new insights in any area of your life. You may want to explore your spirituality, your relationships, your physical body, work or business, or anything else. Regardless of the specifics, you can experience dynamic growth and transformation.

Here’s what you can expect from me

1)  As a Life Coach, I’ll offer emotional support, encouragement, and strategies for developing the confidence & clarity needed to achieve personal and/or professional goals.

2)  As a Masterful Law of Attraction Expert, I’ll teach you the specific Law of Attraction principles necessary to satisfy your intentions.

3)  As a Transformational Expert, I’ll identify sabotaging thought patterns and/or guide you through emotional breakthroughs which produce both tremendous relief from past pain as well as establishing beneficial beliefs. This is where you’ll experience Quantum Leaps!!!

4)  As a Spiritual Guide, I’ll guide you to discover your best self as well as teaching you to develop your intuition and connect with your Inner Guidance.

5)  As a Teacher, I’ll provide Life Skill education to increase your quality of life.

6)  As a mentor, I’ll share real-life stories of experiences which are intended to demonstrate how you can successfully live a Quality Life.


“My sessions with Wendy were nothing like I expected. I expected a boring Q&A session with someone dull and bland. Wendy was nothing like that. In fact, she is very affectionate and fun. Wendy does an excellent job of peeling the onion so to speak. She was able to get to the root of our problems and show us a variety of methods to correct them. Our sessions were productive and eye-opening. My wife and I weren’t sure what our next step would be, but thanks to Wendy we are better communicators, lovers and friends. My goal was to walk away from the sessions knowing more about my relationship and myself than when I came. Also, I wanted answers on how to become a better spouse and man. Wendy helped me reach my goals as well as salvage my marriage.”

TC of Cedar Hill, TX


I am so pleased with the immediate results I see in my life after just one session with Wendy. Her intuition leads her to use just the right process at the right time to bring healing. Wendy is a woman who has true compassion and loving nature. You will receive tremendous benefit from working with her, as she assists you in bringing about healing and transformation in your life. I thank God for the positive influence she has had on me. 

LM of Grapevine, TX

You’re my ideal client if…

…you already know about the Law of Attraction AND you’re highly inspired to use Law of Attraction principles to improve the quality of your life because I can help you take what you already know and APPLY it in a way that makes the concepts come alive in your everyday life.

You see, what other people call miracles and amazing coincidences, I consider “normal” and what we’re all intended to experience. I live in such synchronicity with people, places & things, you’d think I had a fairy god-mother magically orchestrating my life. And that’s what I’d like to help you experience too.

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